Women & Infants Center

Having a baby is a beautiful, precious experience. We offer a peaceful, tranquil space for expectant mothers and their families, including private labor, delivery and recovery rooms, where we utilize specialized birthing beds and other state-of-the-art equipment. For more information, contact Chief Nursing Officer Helen Essenpreis at (618) 526-5410 or by email at helen.essenpreis@hshs.org.

Prenatal Services

Even before your baby is born, you’ll find exceptional care at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Prenatal services include help with your pregnancy week by week, with:
  • Pre-conception counseling
  • High-risk screening
  • Amniocentesis
  • Prenatal diagnoses for genetic disorders


Critical Care for Special Situations

State-of-the-art and ready for anything, the Women and Infants Center offers mother and baby:
  • Tele-medicine ultrasounds and consultations with specialists in their locations
  • Advanced ultrasound evaluation and continuous monitoring during labor
  • Board-certified pediatricians with special training in resuscitation and care of high-risk infants
  • 24-hour consultation service with expert perinatologists from St. Louis
  • Level II Nursery for:
    • Moderate-risk newborns who don’t require intensive care
    • Infants with low birth weight or mild to moderate respiratory distress at birth
    • Babies transferred from Level III (Tertiary Care) facilities
Should the need arise, Level II nursery staff are trained to stabilize infants who need to be transferred to a tertiary care hospital. Neonatologists and air transport teams from Children’s and Cardinal Glennon hospitals are a telephone call away; the Women and Infants Center is 15 minutes away from these tertiary care hospitals via helicopter.

Caring and Compassionate Physicians

You’ll receive expert care for you and for your baby before, during and after delivery, from doctors who specialize in obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics and internal medicine:

Obstetrics & Gynecology
•    Anne Doll-Pollard, M.D.
•    Bonnie Gelly, M.D.
•    Penny Gozia, M.D.
•    Christina Dothager, M.D.

•    Douglas Kuhl, M.D.
•    Daniel Morra, M.D.
•    Chris Rivera, M.D.

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
•    David Neighbors, M.D.